Yoenis Cespedes says he no longer will play golf

Cespedes’ passion for golf is well-documented, but his troublesome injury history during the past two years apparently has convinced him that he’s better off focusing his free time on fitness rather than lowering his handicap.

But the past two seasons have changed the perception of his links obsession, with Cespedes playing only 132 games in 2016 because of a lingering quadriceps muscle strain and only 81 last year because of stubborn quadriceps/hamstring issues.

How much of that back relief is related to his new golf-free lifestyle is tough to determine, but Cespedes also should benefit from the Mets’ revamped conditioning department, which has put an added emphasis on hydration and custom fitness routines.

In 2016, Cespedes, already playing through a leg injury, had to leave an August game at Yankee Stadium with a quadriceps problem that turned out to be a public-relations disaster when Kevin Millar posted a photo of the two golfing from earlier in the day.