Set Score Markets Could Be The Most Popular Form of Tennis Betting

Compared the vast numbers of people who frequently involve themselves in betting on football or horse racing, practically any other sport could be considered as a niche equivalent. Betting on tennis is actually very entertaining and offers far more than you can see on the surface, so there’s every reason to try it out if you’re already experienced on backing more mainstream sports.

Making that first step in betting on tennis can be difficult, especially if you don’t have knowledge of the markets that fall within that sport on all major bookmakers’ sites. Luckily, sites like TeamFA offer their own tennis betting tips, with previews, predictions and the best odds all situated on a specially allocated tennis betting tips page.

The typical go-to market in any variation on betting is the opportunity to back either player to win a set outright. It can be the same in tennis, but the more favorable alternative is looking likely to be the set score market, which would be far harder to believe if we were talking about football, as the odds are always enormous for backing a game to finish at a specific score.

What exactly is set score betting?

 Sometimes more casually referred to as simply ‘Set Betting’, Set Score Betting is the opportunity to back how the game will result, with the number of sets being predicted rather than the number of games. You can bet on a lot of different variables which come even in the least action-packed game of tennis but backing a set score bet is the be all and end all to some people who enjoy providing their own tennis betting tips.

With the game result not being included in this style of betting, it doesn’t matter how the games ends to what you’ve predicted, as long as your set prediction is correct when it’s concluded, which can be very appealing to those who don’t want to see their bet over prematurely.

How would a typical set score selection look?

 Lower odds for these sorts of markets are the results which see one favorite win 2-0 or see some response from the tennis player they’re facing, but a practically inevitable 2-1 scoreline when the game ends. You’ll see most punters backing these selections as they’re the most likely to happen, but there’s obviously not going to be many variations to bet on, as each set can only end 2-0 or 2-1 to either player.

For example, if Roger Federer was playing a low ranked opponent, backing 2-0 would be the most favorable of results but if he was taking on someone like Andy Murray and you still wanted to back him to win, Federer to win 2-1 would make more sense, as there’s a chance that Murray would either win the first set or the second set before still inevitably losing.

Not only can you bet prior to the day’s action getting underway but you can also bet in-play, with it all being reliant on the result of the next set being played.