Should NBA Consider Replacing All Its Current Referees?

Afterward, he told Anthony Slater of The Athletic that the current state of NBA officiating is “ruining the game”: But the most interesting part of this is Green’s explicitly stated belief that NBA referees are using the whistle to punish players with whom they have personal grudges, telling Slater that “a lot of it is personal,” and that players “can’t overcome” circumstances where individual referees “make it me against you.”

You don’t have to be a biased referee or observer to notice that Green is one of the most physically reckless and demonstrative players in the NBA, and that there are probably two or three referee interactions per game where he could reasonably be whistled for a tech, but is not.

His intensity is a huge asset for his team, in no small part because he is often dialed to a level of intensity that makes other players on the court look like librarians.

On the other hand, NBA officiating is notoriously spotty, and I have no trouble believing there are refs who officiate players differently based upon personal history and general distaste.