MLB considers guidelines for racist taunts

Days after a fan at Fenway Park directed racial slurs at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said he is determined to “provide our players with an environment where they feel comfortable in every major league stadium that they play.” Manfred said MLB is surveying all 30 teams to see how they handle such situations “as a prelude to giving consideration to some more industry wide guidelines in this area.” Manfred did not comment on specific changes or guidelines being considered, but said more would be forthcoming after officials get the information from the teams.

The series between the Red Sox and Orioles had plenty of tension between the two teams, and Manfred tried to cool a feud that extended back to April 21 when Boston’s Dustin Pedroia was injured in a slide by Baltimore star Manny Machado.

Orioles starter Kevin Gausman was ejected Wednesday after hitting Boston’s Xander Bogaerts on a hip just a few hours after Manfred and MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre held a conference call with representatives from both teams and told them “enough is enough.” Manfred said some of the animosity may have been generated because the Red Sox and Orioles met seven times in the last two weeks.