LeBron James Is Focusing On The NBA Playoffs

The Cleveland Cavaliers hold a distinct advantage over the rest of the Eastern Conference as they enter the NBA playoffs, and it’s because of how LeBron James prepares for the postseason.

It refers to the idea that players and teams can take it up another level when the playoffs begin.

“That gap between regular season LeBron and playoffs LeBron is bigger than any player in the league,” said one league source.

“LeBron taking plays off really matters defensively because he is their most important defender,” said the league source, adding, “When he’s not engaged, he doesn’t even rotate.” You’re still playing just as hard, you’re doing all the things, but playoffs means if you have one team to focus on, that means you can study all your regular-season matchups against them, you can learn all the information you need to learn to prepare yourself for this playoff series.

The league source said that James and the Cavaliers flip-the-switch mentality could have a crippling effect on opponents because, frankly, no team has seen the way they really play.