Jessica Korda has jaw surgery

Jessica Korda now has 27 screws keeping her face together.

She holds up a mirror when she eats because parts of her face are still numb from major jaw surgery.

Last November in China, the entire right side of Korda’s face cramped up, making it difficult to see out of her right eye.

“I don’t think I’ve woken up in the last couple of years without something hurting,” Korda said.

Korda had worn braces for eight years and more recently slept with a retainer that resembled a hockey puck.

Luckily, she was in better shape by the time younger brother Sebastian became the third member of the Korda family to win an Australian Open title.

The first time Korda hit a golf ball was on Jan.

By the last weekend in January, Korda was back hitting full shots and working out with new fitness instructor Kolby Wayne, whose golf clients include Justin Thomas and Lexi Thompson.

Doctors said she could feel back to normal in six months, but Korda has mentally prepared for one year.