Indians might find it’s lonely at the top

1 slot and seemed set to own it forever, and just as they were eclipsed once the Dodgers seemed impossible to top when they were inspiring consideration for whether they’d set the all-time single-season record for wins, we have a new No.

Riding the kind of hot streak they make movies about, the Indians didn’t just win this week’s voting 23 weeks into the season, they earned unanimous acclaim as MLB’s best ballclub, earning every first-place vote a week after narrowly losing to the Dodgers in our poll.

Every strong ballclub has something going for it, but what works over 162 games isn’t automatically what gives you the best shot to win the short series that teams play in October.

The Diamondbacks climbed two spots to crack to the top five, and the Cubs dropped three spots — just as they also gave up ground to the Brewers and Cardinals to reignite the NL Central race.

And the Cardinals had their own part to play, breaking back into the top 10, displacing the Brewers to ascend back inside the top 10 in the single largest move within the standings this week.