Greg Gabriel Expresses Advantages For Private QB Workouts

When teams look at the quarterback position, the combine doesn’t tell them much as a 15-minute interview isn’t nearly enough, and the throwing portion of the event doesn’t reveal anything.

The next thing on the agenda for the quarterbacks is their pro days, and though they are much better than the Combine as far as evaluation, they still don’t tell most teams what they need to know.

If you have watched a quarterback pro day in the past, you will see that the NFL coaches have very little to do with the workout.

Sure, the media will tell us how great the player looked, but the evaluators (NFL scouts, coaches and GMs) still don’t know much more than they did at the beginning of the workout.

In classroom work, a coach will ask the prospect to draw up some of his plays and walk the coach through the play, including what the player’s responsibilities are before and after the snap.