Most common hobbies amongst soccer fans

Betting on football is one of the most common hobbies amongst football fans, but also requires some knowledge if you’re going to have some sort of success. For example when you’re placing these football bets, you’ll often look at pages such as the league table to help you make a decision. One thing that you immediately notice is the variety of different team badges on the screen. These badges help easily identify different teams.

In the modern day the badges rarely go through a massive redesign, but previous club badges used to go through massive overhauls. The redesigns of badges over the years means that certain features from badges have been removed. One of the key features that have been removed are the mottos. Despite this, some clubs have stuck with their Latin motto and now consider it part of its club identity. This quiz tests your knowledge on badges that feature Latin badges. Can you figure out what club each Latin model belongs to?