centralized instant replay the NFL discusses

Blunders during the wild-card round including a Marcus Mariota fumble that was missed in Kansas City and late-game interceptions by Mike Adams in New Orleans and Jalen Ramsey in Jacksonville that illustrated the confusion in applying the rule constituting possession of the football marked a continuation of regular-season issues.

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Wonder what Steelers tight end Jesse James his apparent game-winning touchdown lunge in a Week 15 loss to the Patriots was infamously ruled an incompletion thinks of Ramsey’s pick that sealed the Jaguars’ win against Buffalo? “I don’t really have anything good to say there, so I’m going to stay away from any comments about those guys,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said when asked about referee Jeff Triplette’s crew follow the loss Saturday to Tennessee.

On the apparent Mariota fumble, Triplette ruled that the play was dead because the quarterback’s forward progress had stopped, nullifying the chance for a replay review.

(There was no quick whistle, by the way, when Titans running back Derrick Henry was stripped after being smashed to the ground.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera was baffled, too, given two iffy crunch-time rulings an intentional grounding flag on Cam Newton, who might have escaped the tackle box, and the Adams interception-turned-fumble that cost Carolina 16 yards of field position.