Boras says Shohei Ohtani deserves better

Baseball super agent Scott Boras is, in no uncertain terms, upset about the process that’s lead up to Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani’s arrival in Major League Baseball.

MLB rules put a hard cap on how much teams can spend on international free agents under 25, so the most money Ohtani could possibly get is $3.5 million from the Texas Rangers.

Even for a non-client like Ohtani, Boras came out spitting venom at MLB for its rules about a player like Ohtani.

As Rosenthal’s article notes, picking 25 years old as the cut-off means that a player like Ohtani will hit free agency around the same time as a player from the U.S.

But Boras’ appeal here is that MLB isn’t doing right by Japanese ballplayers by allowing MLB teams to take advantage of Ohtani’s desire to play in America.

It doesn’t just take money away from Ohtani, but it reflects poorly on the league, Boras says.

“Ohtani is the greatest expression of the NPB and we need to honor that league’s contribution to the greatest league of all,” Boras said.

This great league and its players especially Ohtani deserve better.”